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Your Mission, agent 018n is to provide localized versions of your
software in many different countries without a lot of programming
or proprietary widgets just providing what Swing does

Our J-Department is going to provide with the vital tools for 
a successful mission and to save your company's time
to market and money.


Localization for Swing's default components like JOptionPane, JFileChooser and JColorChooser.


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Even though Java™ comes with some good solutions for localizing applications and components
some default Swing components are
not very localized !

At least not until now, as we managed to localize those components for you.

Bullet Works with the default Swing components
Bullet No need for extra code to localize the use of Swing beans like JOptionPane, JFileChooser or JColorChooser.
Bullet No extra 3rd party beans needed if the features of those Swing components are enough for your project.
Bullet JDK 1.3 (next release of Java 2) support included. We added the translations for all the new strings in JDK 1.3*.
Bullet Saves important memory as no additional classes but the ones Swing already uses internally have to be instantiated.


The following Locales are included in the Western Language Edition covering countries in America, Western Europe and others all over the world:
  • German
  • French
  • Italian
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese

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*As far as included in JDK 1.3.0


Those are the countries (and their languages) covered by the JFC18n  localization (Western Edition) so far.
Click on a continent/part of the map for a more detailed view.


JFC localized for those countries Localized**

JFC planned to be localized for those countries Planned***

JFC localization open for those countries Open

**English, Japanese and Chinese (JDK1.3 and above) locales due to Swing's internal localization,
ALL others in JFC18n
***The planned languages are going to be included in future versions of the Western or other locale  (e.g. Eastern, Middle East, etc.) editions of JFC18n.
The languages and countries marked open might be localized later on demand and/or if they are officially supported locales in Java™


JFC18n is provided to you in various package editions depending on how many clients you want to serve.

Bullet Single User $30-35 ****
Bullet Professional 2-50 $350
Bullet Intranet 50-100 $500
Bullet Web 100-1000 $1000
Bullet Enterprise 1000-... Upon Request *****
Bullet Unlimited unlimited Upon Request *****
****  package offers based on vendor rebates might vary slightly, (below or above the official list price)
depending e.g. on product, no. of  users, etc.
You may also purchase multiple packages of the Web edition at a discount rate. (Upon Request)
North America South America (and South Africa) Europe Asia Australia, New Zealand & Oceania
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